293. 40 week pregnancy update!



40 weeks (+2), it feels like time has suddenly slowed right down to basically a standstill. I can't believe I'm only two days overdue, it feels like a lifetime! I was really hoping I wouldn't get as far as this post, but obviously here I am! Although, the closer we inevitably get, the more distant I feel, which is weird.

Baby is still the size of a watermelon (massive let down, I was sent the smallest watermelon ever so no comparison!) & could be any size at all really! If he stays in there much longer he's going to grow pretty big! Daniel was 8lb 8oz so I grow them pretty well! I do hope he's small enough to get use out of his newborn outfits though, some of them are so sweet!!

Sleep is awful, every time I moved last night I got a horrible cramp-y pain in my tummy, plus Daniel has been waking up at the crack of dawn! I really really should start napping with him during the day and taking advantage, because I won't be able to for much longer and I'll need all the rest I can get for labor really!

I'm pretty impressed with myself with how much I'm managing to do still, when I was pregnant with Daniel I didn't have to worry abut a house or another child, so I got it so easy! This time, I'm attempting to juggle everything & I'm not doing too badly! The house is pretty tidy, I'm on top of the washing, I've managed to keep us all from starving (mostly thanks to my Mum but I am still cooking too!), my blogging is in fact better than ever, and I still have time and energy to spend with Daniel! I think I deserve a pat on the back, from myself!

I'm such a hormonal wreck tonight, bursting into tears all over the place, I feel like a failure for not having this baby already, and every time someone texts or asks how I am I just want to cry! That sounds really ungrateful and obviously I appreciate the curiosity and support, but it's so so hard! I really hope he doesn't keep us waiting much longer, though I still don't feel like anything's going to happen soon!

Keep your fingers crossed?! My tummy feels harder today, which my Mum says is a sign! We had curry last night, but nothing, and I'm a little anxious to try anything to force him to come if he's not ready. I hav a midwife appointment tomorrow afternoon so we'll see what she suggests.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Good luck! hopefully it won't be too long until you have your little bundle of joy in your arms.

    I'm expecting my little boy in September.



    1. Thankyou! Hopefully!!
      Oh congratulations!! :)