291. Bragging rights.

It's days like today I really try and appreciate the little things. Yes, today's my due date and this little one is showing no signs of gracing us with his presence anytime soon. Yes, I stupidly stayed up too late last night, past midnight for no real reason. Yes, Daniel did of course wake up at 6am, just to prove a point after sleeping in until 9am yesterday. Yes, I am incredibly grumpy after all of the above. So I'm taking this time, while Daniel naps (I'm refusing n the hope I'll sleep at a decent hour tonight) to write down the little things he does that make me smile.

~ At 6am this morning, I stumbled into Daniel's room and lay in bed with him, in the hopes he'd fall back asleep with me. We lay side-by-side, fairly contentedly, for half an hour. Daniel pulled my arm over him into a cuddle and rested his head under my chin, and all I could think was how lucky I was to have this perfect moment. I realise these moments, just the two of us are limited and tried to soak up ever second.

~ Normally, when Daniel notices someone's asleep he tries to wake them up, but this morning he whispered "Mummy sleep" and stroked my face, I thought I would melt.

~ The other night, I was freaking out about having another baby (almost daily) but I left the room where Daniel was having a bath to burst into tears. He heard me though, and demanded to get out the bath, shouting "Mummy Kay?" to come check on me. He gave me the biggest cuddle, patting my back and humming, which ridiculously made me cry even more!

~ Saturday Daniel was super cranky at 11am (I normally try to get him through the morning & lunch and let him nap properly afterwards), he lay in our bed and asked us both to cuddle him, where he fell asleep! We had THE best hour-long nap together, and he held my hand the whole time!

~ I'm trying my best to sit and play with Daniel like normal, but often sitting on the floor takes it's toll, or I just don't have the energy. If I tell him I can't play for a minute he is very nderstanding for a two-year old, will normally not make a fuss, and say "Oh, Mummy back hurt" before giving me a hug and playing contentedly by himself.

Yes, he is definitely at the terrible-two's stage, where whinging is at an all time high and the word "No" is said far too often (by me, though I'm working on only saying it when totally necessary and just suggesting an alternative when it's not), but I wouldn't change this stage for anything, he's just too fun!

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  1. aww thanks! I am trying to figure out why my linky is broken at the moment but HOPEFULLY you will be holding a new baby soon! good luck!