286. Yummy Mummy Meme

I was tagged by the lovely Emma at They Grow So Quick for this Meme, thanks Em! I'm super uncomfortable tonight & didn't feel like sorting out a ton of pictures so this is perfect!

The rules are simple
When answering the questions, give as much detail as possible. It’s all about the finer details, people!
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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Grab my phone to check the time, get Daniel out of bed for a quick cuddle & some stories in our bed, pop to the loo & brush our teeth. Mornings are much more laid back with me not having to rush about for work!

Do you Shower Daily? Are you a Early Morning Shower or evening Bath type?
Unfortunately not, though I probably will have more time now without the rush (though things will be different when the baby arrives no doubt!) I can jump in after Colin. Daniel quite likes a shower too so that makes it easier! I do love a good bath, probably once a week, with tons of bubbles & some crappy TV on the iPad, once my boy is in bed!

Do you wear Make Up Daily?
Yes, though it'll be interesting if I carry on once Babyboy #2 is here. I have terrible skin & can't bear to leave the house without makeup!

Whats in your make up bag?
Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation,
Collection 2000 illuminating concealer, Natural Collection mascara, blusher, powder and concealer. Cheap and cheerful basics, with a decent foundation!

When your having a slummy Mummy day what do you normally wear?
Pyjamas! Only very occasionally though, they're just so comfy!

Nails - how often do you get them done?
Properly, never! I do have a friend coming over next week to do some UV nails though! My nails are in terrible condition, especially with pregnancy, so I try to keep then painted all the time, whenever I get the chance at least!

Your top tip for Tired Eyes?
Collection 2000 illuminating concealer.

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
I don't mind, I only really drink hot chocolate from either!

How many Children do you have/want & why?
Two is the perfect number for us, right now.

Where is your favourite place to shop for Babies/Children's clothes?
H&M hands down! Brilliant for price, durability and design!

Flats or Heels Everyday shoes are?
Flats, definitely! Heels aren't practical enough with two children, I'd definitely hurt myself! Wedges for special occasions though!

I promise I'll tag some other Yummy Mummy's when I get onto the laptop (I don't know how on the iPad haha!)

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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