283. Happiness is...

Beautiful pink flowers, gifted by an amazing friend for my baby shower yesterday! My best friend showered us with food and fun, & now I'm even more excited to have him here!!

Incredible cupcakes, gifted by another amazing friend for the shower. Seriously, that icing?! I've just devoured another, there are four more in the kitchen...

Nesting, and getting ready for our new arrival. His cot is still full of stuff, and there isn't anything on the walls, and the cat jumped in the moses basket with muddy paws, so we're not half as organised as I'd like to be with only 8 days to go, but right now I'm choosing to blog instead so I'm not surprised! He'll be in our room for a while anyway so there's no rush!

Diet coke (my naughty pregnancy craving) in pretty glasses. Enough said right?

Muddy boy legs and baby sandals. I hope the weather brightens back up soon!

Also? Tonight is date night! We haven;t decided whether we'r going to take Daniel or go once he's in bed but we're definitely going to get proper, flour-y dough-y pizza and I'm pretty excited.

Trying to focus on bits of happiness everywhere this week, I'm getting very uncomfortable and impatient now & it's difficult. Looking for the little things to make me smile. Linking up with Mrs Stephanie T, albeit a little late!

Mrs Stephanie T

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