281. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [037]

My creation
I think that first picture is from Monday, and the one below that too - storytime with Nanny & driving the bus! Grandad went away for the week & Daniel came to wave him off, and got to be a bus driver! Tuesday, we had  to take a picture to send to Grandad, these get even better throughout the week but these ones are gems! The weather was AMAZING last week, so we took advantage! We went for a playdate at a friends & played at the park, and in the sandpit once we got home!

My creation
Wednesday, Daniel rocked his super-cute hat (and suspenders!!), and took an epic nap! Once he woke up we played in the garden some more - Daniel LOVES it when Daddy gets home to pull him around inhis car and water the garden! My heart melts with these two together!!

My creation
Thursday, Daniel got a cheeky chocolate milk treat (I know, I can't believe I shared it either!) & we went to a birthday party (but I didn't take any pictures :( Boo!) where we played out in Skyla's garden & Mama got to chat! Miracle! Friday, we went to another party, this time at a soft play centre where Daniel insisted Mama go on the giant slide a bajillion times - I was exhausted! Him & Skyla looked awful cute sitting together in Thomas Tank though, like a married couple! She even put her arm round him while they were eating dinner, cracked us up! & we had a barbeque for dinner, mmmmm!

My creation
Saturday started early, Daniel insisted all his cars watch Peppa with us, and then asked to go in the garden (at 8am, sure!) Child labour ftw, he even helped me clean the windows! & check out that outfit, my gosh! Zonked out at Nanny's, before Grandad's party, & chowing down on goldfish to make him less grumpy!

My creation
Sunday, after going for breakfast at Nana's, we got out the paddling pool and invited Nanny and Grandad over! We dipped out feet in (and ended up absolutely soaked!) & broke out the watermelon! Naked gardening, except for the boots - this kiddo kills me!!

Overall? An amazing week! We don't have as many plans this week - I'm a little concerned I'll go into labour at any minute! But the weather is keeping up (for the start of the week at least), we had a great afternoon shopping today (new shoes for Daniel, new polka-dot tumblers, flowers and ice-lollies!!) & we're seeing Daniel's God Mother tomorrow! Not to mention my baby shower on Sunday! Eee!

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  1. Your little guy is adorable and totally photogenic! His personality floats of the screen :)