277. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [036]

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For some reason I didn't post last Sunday's pictures (blaming baby brain). You guys nearly missed out on Nanny tickles, trains and snuggles with Daddy. Who am I kidding, these posts are mostly for me, I love having a little record of our weeks, especially as they're going to fast (hence me posting this on a Wednesday, as I have an embarrassing addiction to SuDoku...)

Monday, we went to Nanny's house and drew pictures, and took about three. Tuesday apparently I didn;t take any. Weird. Wednesday, we went to Grandmas and Daniel birdwatched & cuddled with cousin Lewis. When Daddy came home we played in the garden, watching these two makes me so happy. Oh, and we started Daniel with his boxing training. I'm totally joking. Oh, and Daniel played hairdresser, washing Daddy's hair and thinking it highly hilarious as he gasped for breath. Which obviously, it was.

Thursday we snacked on crisps on a deckchair in the kitchen, and that was it. Friday, we had to come home from Nanny's early because I had a midwife appointment, so they came over to drop our forgotten cars off, read stories and do puzzles. That's what grandparents do best anyway right? Daniel was beyond adorable, of course, and insisted on putting his feet up like Grandad, and then covering himself with a blanket! Kiddo's obsessed with buttons right now, even though he hasn't succeeded yet! Colin and the cat looked crazy sweet snuggled together. Saturday morning, we had lazy snugs before heading to the park.

Sunday, Daniel insisted upon wearing a flower in his hair, wouldn;t he make an adorable girl?! My ovaries hurt, if that's even possible while pregnant. Very pregnant, as you can see. We kicked pine cones on the way to Nanny's, and had an uber nap (nearly THREE hours!), before we headed to Nana & Grandad's to play on the slide as a reward for washing the car. Child labour FTW. I'm totally joking, again.

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Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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