275. 36 week pregnancy update.


36w(+3) and babyboy's the size of a honeydew - 17.2 to 18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 pounds! I feel like I'm growing by the second, although according to my midwife notes I've only grown a centimetre in two weeks! My maternity trousers are getting tight, and I struggle to get up/out of bed, how anyone gets any bigger is crazy to me!

I've been sleeping better if I go to bed later, I don't wake up or fidget as much so I feel well rested, even if I stay up until midnight watching my new favourite reality TV (guilty!) Made In Chelsea. It's so infuriating and brilliant!! The only problem with sleeping so well is that I stay on my side, hurting my hips and legs. Boo.

I've been feeling some 'pelvic discomfort', from where baby's descending, sharp pains that made me panic at first but after a quick google, and asking my midwife today, I'm not worried. If Daniel catches me wincing or ouch-ing, he says 'Mummy's baby hurt?!' which is beyond adorable!!

We went to see a friend and her two boys yesterday, who are nearly-two and 14 weeks, which was encouraging to see as she's doing really well! Her youngest is a dream, lying on the floor fascinated by the lights, and sleeping through the chaos (after being rocked to sleep) so fingers crossed this little nugget is similar! I got to have snuggles, which made me more desperate to have him here! Although two nights ago I had a pain and absolutely freaked out, Colin was amazing but I just didn't feel prepared! My hospital bag is finally packed, although I think I'm missing some things I have the necessities - adorable newborn clothes and snacks!

Two weeks left at work, which is a nice distraction most of the time actually! I'm still managing to do my job pretty well, I think I've surprised a lot of people lasting this long, though by the end of the afternoon I'm pretty tired! I've still managed to meet up with friends or go out every afternoon this week - even chasing Daniel round a soft play centre for a couple of hours Tuesday!! Enjoying our time together & making the most of our 'freedom' almost, as I'm not planning in leaving the house an awful lot for the first few weeks!

It's getting uncomfortable to sit in the evening, in any position, & my bed (and MIC!) is calling so I can lie down with my electric blanket!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy(s)


  1. Gosh its so close now. You've done amazingly with still being at work, i guess it does stop you getting bored at home! Soo cannot wait to see pics of your new man!

    1. Thankyou :) I don't think I'd be bored at home really, it's just tough giving Daniel the attention he deserves! And sitting on the floor is the worst!! :P xxx

  2. Well done for lasting so long at work! You must be looking forward to some time off x