268. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [034]

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Monday, Daniel and I stayed home because he was still a little under the weather. We did lots of snuggling and movie watching, but went a little stir crazy so we walked to the shops to get more Calpol and play peek-a-boo behind walls. Check out those little hands in pockets, too cute! Daniel did some noisy baking at Nanny's too.
Tuesday, we stayed home again because I had to go to the hospital for a blood test for slapped cheek (negative, wahey!) Colin was home too because it was his birthday the day before and he'd gone out to celebrate, so he took us out for lunch and Daniel was a superstar! Topless reading is the norm for a kiddo with a high temperature right?
Wednesday, I think I went back to work (last week seems like SO long ago!) Daniel's obsessed with his car toys, and a cow, and they pretty much go everywhere with him. Painting is a firm fave around here at the moment, as is copying everything Mummy does - prepping dinner!
Friday, my Mum looks after Daniel for me and we pretty much spend all day there. Daniel made me so excited to see him as a big brother by putting Kipper to bed so sweetly, and read tons of stories with Grandad.
Saturday, we started off with some colour coordinating blocks (Did y'all know this kid knows all his colours now? Genius!), a messy face and some serious bedhead, and practiced golf with Daddy!
Sunday, we cleaned our teeth like a boss, played tents on our bed, and ate way too much junk at a party for my cousin's sweet 16th!

Our week was pretty awesome, apart from all the illness, how was yours? Link up with Amy, at a good life, and share!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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