267.34 week pregnancy update!


I accidentally deleted my 33 week update while trying to read it n the iPad!! :( I'm so upset, I was really proud of myself for doing one every week! Woe is me. But, 34 weeks (+5) and baby is the size of a butternut squash! Another week has passed, and in about 5 weeks my baby boy will be here! I think he's going to be early, but only time will tell!

I still have another four weeks to go at work, and although it's not as comfortable as lying around on the sofa, I'm still going strong (much to everyone's surprise - I work lunch hour, standing up the whole time!) Luckily my Dad has been awesome and picked Daniel up for me everyday, as an hour's walk on top would probably kill me! Colin has also been incredible, and managed his finances so he can buy us another car! How long I'll be driving for isn't certain, when. Googled it the other day the only advice I found was not to drive yourself to hospital when you're in labour - DUH! I'm not overly comfortable driving even now, as I have to sit up so straight & baby gets cramped, but it's sure better than walking!!

Sleeping isn't too difficult at the moment - touch wood! I'm not allowing myself to drink after 9pm because I hate getting out of bed at night to pee, and it seems to be working despite the midwife confirming that baby is squishing my bladder! We went on Friday, and saw a new midwife (another hospital team have taken over our area) who did all the regular checks which were all normal, and listened t his heartbeat which is always m favourite part! I'm supposed to go back n two weeks but they were over booked already so she promised a hme visit, which I guess I won't be holding my breath for. I've missed a couple already, by accident, but I'm trusting my body and I'm fairly sure I would know if there was a problem or anything, plus fortnightly visits seems a little over the top when everythng's going so well!

It's sinking in a little that I have an actual little person growing inside me, and soon he'll be here! I've started t sort ut our hospital bags (I.e. buying my toiletries, new pyjamas and snacks!) I'm undecided about using reusable nappies from the get go, only because they take up so much room & I don't know how many to take - with Daniel I only stayed overnight (he was born at 7:22am with me opium in his waters, so they kept us to observe) and went home around lunchtime, I hope it's similar this time as I know I'll be desperate to get back t my home and my boys! Wishful thinking I suppose, I'm only packing three outfits (two sleep suits and a going home outfit), but if I need anymore Colin can always bring them, or another visiting family member.

I'm not as petrified about the birth this time around, obviously because I've already done it, and I know it's so worth it in the end! My midwife warned me again to let the hospital know how quickly I had Daniel when I call, so here's hoping for a speedy one again! I finally asked my Mum to come too, and my Dad if he would look after Daniel - I'd just assumed they would! Of course they did agree! My Mum said t wouldn't be fair if she was there for one but not the other!

I have to sit with my legs out to type on the iPad (my ver early birthday present from Colin after our mishaps!) & I'd much rather be crossed legged, so I'll stop rambling for now!


Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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