264. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [033]

My creation
My creation
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My creation

Cheesy smiles // Homemade jam tarts // Storytime // Balloons in the bounce house!! // Woody piggybacks // Cow, cheese // Chillaxin' // Drawing // Cars with Hah-hah // Snuggles with Daddy (& a poorly cat!) // Tired boy // Colouring in the car // Juice and fruit for a poorly boy // Sleeping on Momma // Towers with Grandad // Cool dude wearing Daddy's shoes and hat // Out for dinner with the in-laws to celebrate Colin's 21st // Peppa Pig on the iPad at dinner, cheeky.

Daniel was a little poorly at the end of last week, quiet and snuggly at the childminders' on Thursday, then fine until his temperature reached 38*c on Saturday morning. It seems to be coming and going, and he hasn't got any other symptoms for anything, apart from being whingy at times! His cheeks were red this morning, so I'm leaning towards teething or even slapped cheek, but our doctors' was fully booked by the time we got home. Lots of cuddles, Disney films and fruit seems to be helping, and either way the only thing I can do is give him Calpol anyway! Hopefully he feels better soon, I hate seeing him unwell when I can;'t help!

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Lots of Love
Momma B& Babyboy

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