259. 2 year/24 months old!


This will probably be the last monthly post I do for Daniel, sob. But I had some adorable cake pictures to share, and he's just started to do some seriously cute things, so I've been jotting them down. I might do a half-yearly update, or just try and write things as they happen, we'll see!


At 2 years/24 months, Daniel Kyle:


  • gives awesome hugs, and wraps his arms so tightly round your neck. There's no saying no to a "ca-ca" from this boy, he's so incredibly loving. 


  • loves puzzles, gets his toys (Buzz, the dog etc) to "help". He asked for "hewp" & says "look!" "come!", pulling on your hands if you're not fast enough!


  • pretends to cook, brings Mama "tea" and "toast", asks if you'd like a knife and fork, tea and milk? He hoovers too, even though the actual hoover still terrifies him & he has to lie on the sofa.


  • mimicks words and sounds constantly, he's always amazing me. He's starting to say 2+ words together, such as "Daddy look!", and commentate/explain what he's doing.


  • repeats words over and over until you reply, it's entertaining unless it's "Mamamamamamamamama"!


  • holds, and even remembers to ask for, hands when crossing/near a road. Safety first.


  • knows when he's being "cheeky" & always trying to make us laugh. One of his favourite games is to steal your chair if you vacate it, and squeal! 


  • is incredibly independent, always playing by himself despite my constant efforts to get down to his level and interact! He chooses his own shoes and socks (boots are our fave, even in hotter weather!), helps me dress him and can nearly entirely undress himself!


  • shares food and drink with his toys, but teases Mama & Dada, offering it to us and taking it away at the last minute!


  • can count to three, knows quite a few colours (red, blue, green, white, black, pink) & some shapes. He really impressed his childminder this week with his language developing over the last two. Knows most animals and their noises too, and is starting to sing along with songs (his favourite non-nursery rhyme is LMFAO I'm sexy and I know it, and he loves to wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah! It's adorable.)


  • has a definite obsession with Toy Story and Cars! "Mate" and "Woowee" are his favourites, but he loves them all! We went to Toys'R'Us today for him to spend his birthday voucher, he chose A McQueen car, a Mater car, a Peppa Pig treasure puzzle, and we got him two posters for his room (Cars and TY of course!). He LOVED the big toy shop, running around and staring at everything! It was exhausting but so so cute!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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