258. 32 week pregnancy update!


32 weeks (+3). Only 8 weeks until he's here!

Today we got to see babyboy again, at our ultrasound. By we, I mean me and my Mama. Fab news, my placenta's moved, woohoo! No longer blocking the exit, which leaves me free to have a natural birth! It's actually more common for a low-lying placenta to not move, but I can't say I wasn't starting to worry a little. I'm so pleased! 

I  weighed myself at my Mum's this week, eek. When I started, at about 12 weeks, I was 55kg. Now I'm 67! I don't know how much weight I put on with Daniel actually, but the internets says that is about average so I feel a little better. Baby's the size of a squash, "weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches" which at least accounts for, umm, 2 of those kg!

Living in leggings at the moment, as I'm back to work and the weather's been horrible - tons of rain and cold temperatures - so my UGGs have barely been off my swollen feet either! Daniel's loving this rainy weather though, he loves puddle jumping! I've ordered some pyjamas, flip flops and slippers for my hospital bag, and a maxi skirt & cardigan to replace the zillion things I've grown out of!

I realised yesterday that my current favourite name, along with the other names we've chosen, would give our son the initials ARS. That sounds like arse! Which I would feel absolutely awful about, but I'm really disappointed! A friend suggested we use my surname as another middle name, which I love the idea of! Fingers crossed Colin comes round too!

I am crazy hormonal today. Babyboy is head down so I'm getting some hefty kicks in the ribs, and I think some Braxton Hicks too. I keep bursting into tears, poor Colin's been absolutely wonderful, but I bet he's scared to death! I've just cried for an hour straight because his Birthday surprise has been  ruined - I secretly bought him an iPad, but he's just gone and bought himself one too, cue emotional breakdown. But it's not the end of the world, and he's even managed to make me giggle about it.

I haven't really written a birth plan. I wonder if I need to, as Colin & my Mum will be with me and they know I'd like to go as natural as possible, and last time no one even asked or looked at it. I've been Pinterest-ing hospital bags, even though I've done it once before, and I think I'm going to pack a couple of seperate bags (Labour, Baby, etc) because I like the idea of being organised. I am also looking at getting a proper feeding pillow, with Daniel I used an average v-shaped pillow which was fine, but I'm used to sleeping with that behind my head now so I think I might need a new one! Any suggestions?

Colin's home tonight for the first night out of four, so I'm going to snuggle!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Exciting times. I'm 30 weeks today and have been getting kicks in my ribs too, they hurt!! :) Totally get the crazy hormones as at least twice a week I've had a little weep.

    It sounds like you're getting yourself organised, maybe I should do the same!! No birth plan thought of, no hospital bag essentials purchased, not even somewhere for Baby W to sleep. Argh!!!

    Love the idea of getting a maxi dress and cardigan. May just have to do the same.

    Mrs W x

    1. Awh how exciting! But yes, they definitely do hurt! Normally I'm incredibly disorganised, and I'm just thinking about getting organised at the moment, it'll take weeks to happen!! :P xxx