254. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [031]

Tuesday 10th April
Tuesday 10th April 2
Monday, I absolutely sucked and took ZERO pictures. Well, one of my Easter nails because I realised at 11pm  & needed something for my365. Tuesday, I made up for it. We painted, ate grilled cheese for lunch, had a family movie date (Colin got sent home from work early because he wasn't well, and it was raining), and Daniel took himself into the toyroom and played really nicely by himself! Whatever kiddo, I hope he's this independent when the baby comes too!

Wednesday 11th April
Wednesday, Daniel insisted on having breakfast with his baby, sitting on my big ole pregnant lap, and having dipdip for lunch. Okay!

Thursday 12th April
Thursday, my special little boy turned two! We had a pretty low-key day at home, trying on Mama's shoes, having pancakes for breakfast, taking cheesy photos and looking even cuter now he's TWO, amiright?

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th April
Friday, we went shopping for last minute party bits and had a baby party! We set the garden up like that, but it rained, boo! We had a couple of Daniel's baby friends and Mama's from our antenatal classes round, & Daniel practiced his sharing! Saturday was party day, so I took photos on my camera instead, but had to capture this sweet moment between a tired Daniel and Grandad, reading stories (while Daddy and I looked through wedding brochures, eee!)

Sunday 15th April
Sunday, we were exhausted from partying! We chilled out and had a late brunch, and played with Megablocks pretty much all day. It was nice to do nothing.

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