252. 31 week pregnancy update!


31 weeks (+3). The last week I've been planning and prepping for Daniel's birthday, so it's gone even faster than usual! He had a brilliant birthday, quiet but pretty ace all the same, and tomorrow the celebrations continue! I've just been baking his cakes, unfortunately the big one is a little wonky (Isn't it always? How do people bake straight cakes?!) and sorting little details, but I'm tired now & I want to update this week before it flies past.

Babyboy #2 (No, we're still no closer to a name for this poor neglected baby. & I'm almost okay with that.) is currently the SIZE OF A FREAKING PINEAPPLE! I'm now disappointed I didn't buy one for the fruit salad tomorrow because I'd be waving it around screaming right about now. That seems so ginormous, I don't know whether my (rusty) knowledge of newborns is off, or if that's just crazy talk. "He's about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds this month. He's getting so big, he's probably crowding your lungs." Fingers crossed I carry on breathing. 

Colin keeps making comments, when I moan and groan, that I'm obviously getting uncomfortable now & I'm going to be even grumpier for the next few weeks because I just want it to end now. Whenever he says it it makes me sad, although true, I really do love being pregnant most of the time. An excuse to eat whatever I want whenever I want, and get other people to change stinky nappies, crawl around the floor, and vacuum for me? Hell yeah! Obviously it's not all great, but I definitely want to make the most of it because I'll miss being pregnant soon enough.

I'm getting excited about our next scan, and seeing this little boy again. I hope it brings good news too. I started looking last night at lists for hospital bags, as you can't be too prepared, and it'll take me forever to get everything sorted. A friend of mine just gave birth at 38 weeks, which has made me get but butt into gear. I'm *hoping* for a natural, water birth (Except gas and air. I love gas and air.) & I'll post about what I do decide to take. I also need to book an appointment with the midwife, mental note.

Craving Diet Coke (naughty!) & cereal, still. I ordered another four boxes with the shopping this week, it's getting pretty ridiculous!! Milk too, though nothing like with Daniel. Possibly why my nails are so brittle, must  remember to paint them tonight.

I bought this adorable owl hat for baby, I couldn't resist! I've become a little addicted to ebay, I think it's like thrifting for me, as I don;t get into town very often! I've also become a little obsessed over this beautiful lady's blog, particularly her pregnancy style. I'm really struggling with clothes that fit and feel good now, my choices are pretty limited! I'm contemplating buying a couple of maxi skirts, cheeky.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Your bump is so cute. I love that owl hate - can't wait to see pictures =)

  2. Your bump is fab now!!
    I hope Daniels birthday celebrations have carried on being good :)

    1. Thanks! They absolutely have, knackered now though!! :P xxx