249. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [030]


Monday we had a lazy morning, taking advantage of my first day off (I love working in a school!), full of stories and train sets. Daniel found a new favourite seat, comfy. Those last two are the wrong way round, my babyboy and I went to the park but after 10 minutes on the swing he asked to come home and sleep! So we snuggled on the sofa with popcorn and strawberries and watched a film, perfect.


Tuesday we busted out the playdough. BIG hit. & had milk and cookies for snack. Also a big hit, possibly more so with me than Daniel, but man that kid loves milk!


Wednesday we brushed our hair, played with playdough again, Daniel killed me by snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket and pillow, we because obsessed with vegetables and dip, "stick-stick"-ed stickers while Mama made dinner, and read stories with Daddy.

Thursday 5th April

Thursday, another day, another lot of playdough. A trip to the park happened too, though it took us forever to get there!

Friday 6th April

Friday, Nana came round and helped Colin in the garden, while I stayed inside and cleaned the whole kitchen and got all the ironing done, so no pictures of Daniel running amock with a spade. Daniel was super cute, of course, and I ate the biggest Easter Egg ever.

Saturday 7th April

Saturday, after the obligatory morning puzzles and stories, Daniel went out with his Nana and Dada to Birdworld, and I was left not knowing what to do with myself. In fact, I cried when they left, crazy hormones. Colin took me on a lunchdate and we discussed baby names and wedding plans, squee!!

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