243. Daniel Kyle's Birth Story.

I've been meaning to sit and write this for the longest time, and have always put it off. I don't know why. But the impending birth of number two makes me want to write it out before the two get muddled together.


Daniel Kyle was due on the 6th April 2010, I worked up until the 1st April and unsurprisingly, he was late anyway. On Saturday 10th April, my Nan had a big party for her 70th Birthday, and she had spoken to the babyboy in my belly countless times, telling him to wait (She had never had a proper party before, so this was a big deal for her). That night I was SO uncomfortable, 4 days overdue and starting to feel like everyone said I would, like I just wanted him out already. Ridiculously I wore heels, and helped out at the bar, I didn't want to sit down like everyone else wanted me to, I wanted to keep busy to take my mind off it. Around 10ish, I got fed up of standing up too, my Mum was taking my brother to another party so I asked her to take me home, I just wanted my bed! 


I woke up a few times that night with pains in my tummy, and stupidly didn't think anything of it. Whenever I had asked what contractions actually felt like, everyone told me I would "just know", but I didn't. When I got up Sunday morning these pains had started to happen about every five minutes. We were still living at home with my parents, and my Mum said they couldn't be real contractions because it was too fast, so I carried on with my day, stopping to breathe through and time the pains every few minutes (the time changed from between every 5 to every 15 minutes). Colin went to work, and I went with my Mum for a drive to drop a relative off at the station, anything to distract myself. We went to Colin's parents for dinner, where the pain eventually worsened & I begged Colin to take me home. We called the hospital at around 6 o'clock, they told me to take paracetomol and have a bath, which I did, and then decided I might as well stay awake as tonight was the night. I ended up going to bed, figuring I'd need as much sleep as I could get. 


I woke up in the middle of the night, and continued to time the contractions. My first couple were about three minutes apart, and then I must have missed one because there was a 6/7 minute gap, so I decided it couldn't possibly be time yet. Denial. Colin woke up with me tossing and turning, and when I told him he went to wake my Mum and told me we were going to the hospital.Colin had broken his foot a week or two previously, so my Dad dropped us off at the hospital, at around 3am. Apparently, though I don;'t remember this, they tried to send me back home as I wasn't ready, but because my Dad had already left and they had a spare room, they let me stay. Luckily.


I was given some pethadine, as I was told it could be hours and I needed to get some sleep, and gas and air (wonderful stuff, even though it made me a little sick, I couldn't bare to stop!). I think I got vaguely comfortable and fell asleep easily, feeling terrible for Colin and my Mum who were most definitely not comfortable! I woke up for each contraction, breathed some gas and air, and fell back asleep. Suddenly, I woke up feeling VERY different. Like I needed to push. Colin was lying next to me, sleeping, and I shoved him off and yelled at him to "GO GET SOMEONE BECAUSE I NEED TO PUSH NOW!" He freaked and went screaming down the hallway, and when the midwife arrived (a lovely lady named Michelle) she freaked out too because everything had happened so quick! 


Colin stayed by my head the whole time and still nearly passed out, he's not very good with blood and stuff! My Mum and Michelle took my legs, and I believe I pushed for about an hour. They were all so great, making me push for x-amount of seconds so giving me a realistic goal, and encouraging me when I didn't think I could do anymore. I am so glad I chose to have both Colin and my Mum with me, because I needed that balance of encouragement. 


At 7:22am, on Monday 12th April, Daniel Kyle made his entrance. I have never felt so overwhelmed, with love and shock. That baby had just come out of ME! I just started at him, in disbelief, for the longest time! He was so beautiful, so tiny, so perfect! Colin's Mum works at the hospital, but missed his birth by minutes because she had to go and sign in. She did bring back her camera and started snapping pictures, which are all terrible but I am so glad she captured those moments. 


My Dad and my brother soon arrived, to admire the new addition to our family. We were later told that we had way too many people in the room, but it was so sweet the midwife didn;t have the heart to send anyone away! Daddy put on Daniel's nappy fir the very first time, with help from the midwife, and got him dressed. Somewhere in between he was weighed at a healthy 8lb 8oz, pure perfection. 


After a difficult night (meconium in the water meant we had to stay overnight to be monitored) because I struggled to get Daniel to latch or get anyone to help, combined with a lack of sleep, we were able to take Daniel home the next day. He had his first bath as the demo baby in the hospital that morning, and hilariously fell asleep mid bath!


I cannot believe all that was TWO YEARS ago. 11 days until his SECOND birthday. Ohmygosh. Excuse me while I go breath into a paper bag & bawl my eyes out. TWO.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. I love to read birth stories.
    Thank you for sharing and congratulations :)

  2. Oh, now the tears are going to come! You were so lucky to have two healthy births, congratulations to you xx

    1. I cry at every birth story I read!! Thankyou, I am very lucky! Xxx