234. 23 months old!

Another month has flashed before my eyes, and my babyboy is growing every day. In one month, less than one month, he will be two. TWO PEOPLE! Ohmyfreaking gosh! It seems like only yesterday he was in my belly, wriggling around like his little brother is now! But he isn't my little baby anymore, he's growing up, into such a kid! It seriously is so amazing watching him grow and learn everyday, copying little things that we do, words that we say, and taking everything in.



Daniel likes: mimicking Mummy and Daddy - putting deodorant on, make-up on, eating with a big boy fork; bouncing on the bed; playing in the garden now the weather's nicer; Daddy coming home earlier and eating dinner with us as a family; chips and beans, his favourite meal; playing with/teasing the cat; pretending to cook "num-num" and make tea in his play kitchen; singing songs and dancing (Wheels on the Bus is a particular fave); people sneezing, he thinks it;'s hilarious; diggers and buses; being Mr Independent, and doing everything for himself, no mater how cross and frustrated he gets!



Daniel dislikes: the fact that Mama can;t pick him up and carry him as much anymore; having his hair washed; leaving toys behind at Nanny's/our childminders, he has started sneaking them into his bag instead! Cheeky monkey!



Daniel says: new words every. single. day. He can pretty much copy any word we say now, and it;s the cutest thing! He can count to two when asked "How many? Can you count them?" and answers "bloo" when asked what colour something is. Not using sentences yet and he says plenty of things that I can;t decipher, but his communication is definitely getting much better!!



Daniel can: jump pretty damn well, though it normally takes him by surprise & he falls over; inform you when he is about to go for a "poo", one step closer to potty training, eek; walk for an incredibly long time, as he's developing an aversion to the stroller.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. I love reading these posts, he really is turning into a big boy! x

    1. :D I know, it's scaring me a little now!! xxx