214. Valentines Day!

I think I may have just had the best Valentines Day ever! It's never really been a holiday I've celebrated that much, I quite like the idea of having a special day to show one another how much you love each other, and it's really only as commercial as you make it!
This year, Colin went all out. He told me he had taken time off work and was a bit secretive,so I was suspicious. Last week he told me we were going somewhere overnight & that my parents were looking after Daniel, so I didn't freak out nearer the time! Yesterday morning he announced we were going to London, to see The Lion King at the theatre, and stay the night at a Hilton hotel! I was gobsmacked (last year he got me a teddy bear and a keyring!) but figured with him starting a new job he just wanted to spoil me!
We got the train at 2:05, & booked into our hotel (after getting a little lost on the way thanks to GoogleMaps!) at around four. Just enough time for a quick nap on the biggest bed ever before we had to get ready for dinner.
Before I found out what we were doing, Colin had told me I had to dress smart/fancy so I'd been out that morning & luckily found the perfect dress!
Lovely huh? I loved the pleated skirt! I even put on some red lipstick for extra "fancy"!
Our table was reserved at 5:45 for the 'pre-theatre' meal, & we decided to taxi there because Mama was wearing heels!
We ate at Christoper's Bar and Grill, which was literally a stone's throw away from the show. It was a beautiful restaurant, very busy but the atmosphere was lovely! It wasn't loud, despite the people, the lighting was low & romantic, and the staff were very friendly! I had gnocchi in a tomato, zucchini and marscapone sauce which was amazing, and brownie & ice-cream for desert! So tasty!
Our meal was so romantic, and it was so nice to spend time with Colin, just talking. When we'd paid and were just about ready to go, Colin stood up and came to my side of the table, which confused me a little until HE GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!
He got out the most beautiful ring (the photo doesn't do it justice!) & I burst into tears! I actually didn't even answer him properly because I was in so much shock! Such a surprise!
Of course I said yes, and I literally have not stopped smiling since. I am so lucky to have found someone so perfect for me, my soul-mate, and for us to have such an amazing life together, this is just the icing on the cake!
The show was amazing too, I would definitely recommend The Lion King, even if I was rather distracted!!
This morning we had breakfast at the hotel (Eggs on toast with beans & mushrooms, and fresh fruit with yogurt, heaven!) before heading back home to see my babyboy! I have literally had the best night of my life (second-best? I'd like to count having Daniel as the best day, but the night part wasn't so fun with him!) I have been overwhelmed with the response from family and friends, they have all been incredibly supportive!
Newly engaged Mama! Sans ring, as it was waay too big! We took it in today to get re-sized, and it should take about a week! So excited to show it off!!

I'm now going to pin half a million different ideas for my wedding & eat too much chocolate! Hope you all had a very Happy V-Day!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. SO exciting!! I've already said it but congratulations xx

  2. Congratulations! This is a beautiful post, so romantic!!

    1. Thankyou so much! I felt I had to document it, even though I';m never going to forget!! xxx