211. Self Photo Challenge!

Chelsey (The Paper Mama) is one of my favourite blogs. Ever. & she hosts tons of amazing photo challenges. She has started an awesome self-potrait challenge, I'm a little late as it ends tomorrow! But, you know, better late than never!

Obsessing over... Daniel becoming such a big boy! Today we re-organised the boys' bedrooms (Eeek! Soon I'll have two!!) to get started on the nursery. We swapped the wardrobes & beds, & tonight is Daniel's first night in a big boy bed! We went for a toddler bed (as it was way cheaper, especially as we can use his cot=bed mattress for now!) & so far it's going okay! I don't want to jinx it so I'll post properly later in the week, with photos of the rooms. My big boy also got a haircut today (FINALLY! We had a serious mullet going down!) & he looks so grown up! Where did my baby go?! Again, pictures later in the week.

Working on... Revamping our house. Sorting through baby clothes (Awh!), designing the nursery, building bookcases for our thousands of books, looking through old pictures to get my photo wall finally started, to name a few.

Thinking about... Our new arrival. It's sinking in a little more that fairly soon I'm going to have two babies to look after. I'm mostly quite excited, I love being a Mama so much & I'm hoping it comes just as naturally with two! Speaking of naturally, I also am really hoping I can breastfeed again, I was so lucky with Daniel & it came so easily.

Anticipating... Valentines Day. Colin's being Mr Secretive, but he has told me that we're going to London, overnight, so I didn't freak out at the time. I'm excited to spend some time together, but man I'm going to miss Daniel like crazy. I don't think we've ever been apart overnight, or for more than a few hours, so I'm a little nervous. He's going to be with my parents though, so I know he'll be in good hands and he probably won't even notice I'm gone!

Listening to... Colin's watching Top Gear in the background.

Eating... Cereal. It's been my pregnancy craving this week, & not even healthy cereal, Cookie Crisp!

Wishing... That I get a good night's sleep tonight. We're trying the big boy bed because I'm off work this week & can nap in the day if we've had a rough night, but I'm already tired due to my body clock not allowing me to lie in this weekend! Fingers crossed!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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