203. #janphotoaday

Y'all must have heard about #janphotoaday by now, from Chantelle at fatmumslim? Basically, an instagram photo challenge with a prompt for every day in January! I was a little slack some days and forgot to post, but I'm pretty proud of managing to take a picture for everyday!

You//Breakfast//Something you adore//Letterbox//Something you wore//Makes you smile//Favourite//Your sky//Daily Routine//Childhood//Where you sleep//Close-up//In your bag//Something you're reading//Happiness//Morning//Water//Something you bought//Sweet//Someone you love//Reflection//Your shoes//Something old//Guilty pleasure//Something you made//Colour//Lunch//Light//Inside your fridge//Nature//You, again

Fancy joining in with #febphotoaday?

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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