202. Sunday in Photos

Sunday I decided it'd be fun to share 'a day in our lives', Monday-Friday I work mornings so that's pretty boring, but Sunday we usually do the same kinda thing so I decided 'today's the day!' & set alarms for every hour!

Daniel woke up late (YAY!) so this was a little after 9, we had a breakfast of jam on toast & bananas because we were out of milk.

Daniel asked to do painting, so I decided to be uber organised & start our valentines cards, using red paint and glitter!!

Storytime with Mama

Lunchtime, early because Daniel hadn't slept that morning, and that usually guarantees a longer nap in the afternoon. Grilled cheese all round!

Daniel was sleeping, so Mama took the chance to get ready & made up a little.

Daniel was still sleeping, I was blogging, which I did take a photo of but I didn;t upload it so you'll just have to use your imagination!

In the car on the way to visit Great-Grandad Reg with Nana & Grandad

Playing trains with Daddy, there is a giant train set at Colin's parents' & Daniel loves it!

"GOAL!" celebration while watching the football & eating goldfish.

Dinnertime, Daniel was being a fusspot (as always!) but he did eat some broccoli, sweetcorn & yorkshire. And pudding, of course!

It was too dark on our drive home, & I left my phone downstairs while we put Daniel to bed (quickly because it was late). After he was asleep I read more blogs, and watched a little TV with Colin before bed, nothing very picture worthy!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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