199. Gender reveal...

It's a...

Today we went for our 20 week scan. I was so excited, I was practically counting down the hours until 2:20pm, getting annoyed at every text asking if we knew yet, and smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

My Mom, Colin and Daniel came along for the ride, I'm trying to include Daniel in as much of my pregnancy as possible (unfortunately, this even means the sick-y parts, he follows me EVERYWHERE and has even started spitting in the toilet... We're ignoring such behaviour!)

Our sonographer was so lovely, and Daniel was the sweetest thing in the world - I lay down on the bed and he pulled a chair right up close, climbed up and held my hand!! I melted into a puddle right thurr.

Anyway, onto the good stuff...


We're having another BOY! I'm so thrilled, I had an inkling I would have two little lads! Daniel's going to LOVE having a little brother, I'm sure!

She did the regular anatomy checks, growth is average, which is good, the scan was so clear, we could literally see every single bone of the spine!! He's developing perfectly!

Only minor concern is the fact that I have a low-lying placenta, which basically means it's partially blocking baby's exit, but it can right itself so I'm trying not to worry. We've been invited back for another scan to check it out at 32 weeks, & if it still hasn;t, 36 weeks, and then we'd discuss a c-section at that point. But for now I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that it sorts out, and just be happy that we get to have another scan, & see my little boy again!

So now, I can really get going on nesting, and planning the nursery! Usefully, I saved ALL of Daniel's baby clothes so I might just have to buy a little "coming home" outfit for him (Daniel's didn;t fit and he had to come home in a regular babygro, I was gutted!) , but we're basically all set! I'm so undecided about a theme though, Daniel's is nautical/pirates & I was thinking maybe woodland? Especially as it'll only be a baby room really, as I want the brothers to share when they're a bit older!

Brothers. Wow.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Congratulations We are both having beautiful boys :D

  2. Ohh I've only just seen this! Yay how exciting for you! Finn has a Jungle theme room, with a big flower tree wall sticker, but I love the idea of a woodland theme! And check out you with your new header thing!!x

    1. Awh I like the jungle theme, so sweet! I know right, I did it myself!! In picnik, so easy!! I was very proud though! xxx