198.20 week pregnancy update!

How far along: 20 weeks 6 days.

How big is baby: The size of a CANTALOUPE! Wow, when on earth did that happen?? 10.2 ounces & 6.5 inches long. Seriously?!

Maternity clothes: Definitely. I'm not far off the size I was when I HAD Daniel at the moment (i.e. HUGE) despite the fact I've only gained 3.7 kg!

Stretch marks: Not yet!

Sleep: Relatively well, sometimes I find myself on my front which is pretty uncomfortable, or feeling too hot/too cold but for the most part I'm doing well.

Best moment this week: Colin got to feel our little wriggler!

Belly button in or out: None of which to speak.

Craving: Fresh fruit. Donuts. Chocolate milk. Orange juice.

What I miss: Being able to carry & cuddle Daniel properly. He has to be on my hip otherwise I feel like my insides will burst!

What am I looking forward to: 2 1/2 days!!!

Milestones: Gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day. Mmmm.

Wow. 20 weeks. Half way. Part of me wants my new little nugget here, right now! Another part wants it to stay put, am I really ready for another baby?! I know I'll love them both, but I hope Daniel copes okay with having another invade his life & take up all my time! I almost feel guilty, that he isn't going to have my attention 100% 24/7. I'm thinking about getting him a little doll to 'practice' & seeing as many babies as we can to get him used to the idea. I also quite like being pregnant, & it's pretty much a brilliant excuse to get away with anything! Like watching films all day or eating cereal at 10pm!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. How cute. =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.


  2. Awww so excited for you!!
    I actually loved being pregnant(most of the time) our bodies are so clever! x

  3. So exciting, pregnancy can be such an amazing time! The doll idea is a good one, I may store this away to use with C sometime in the future. Also there's tons of great baby teaching books, 'There's Going to be a Baby' by John Burningham is a little old school but really really sweet! xxx

    1. We got a book from the library a couple of weeks ago, Daniel's refused to let me read it until this morning! I have no idea why!! Haha! xxx

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