191. 21 months old!

Oh my Lord, the last three months has flown by so unbelievably fast! I know I say it every time! Someone asked how old Daniel was the other day and I had to work it out! What with the excitement of the new baby, and Christmas, the time is going so quickly! So, wow, 21 months. My tiny little boy will be TWO in just 3 short months. We're thinking a dinosaur theme for his birthday party!! & then two months after that he will become a big brother! I bet that time comes round like tomorrow though, the way we're speeding through life at the moment!

These adorable pictures were taken yesterday at the park. We always walk past about three parks on the way home, but often we're in a rush to get home and can;t stop. Yesterday, however, we had no reason to rush home so we decided to spend some time playing. The park we went to didn't have much, but Daniel still seemed to have lots of fun!!

We're at such a fun age at the moment, it really does just keep getting better and better! My little nugget is such a joy to be around, he really is one of the happiest kiddos I have ever seen! Yes, we are starting to have the odd tantrum or two, especially when he is told off, but a quick cuddle from Mummy sorts that right out, and hopefully he'll learn soon enough. 99% of the time, he is a sweet, cuddly, playful boy, who loves his Mama (& Daddy, & Nanny, & Grandad!) very much!

[Hold on to your hat! It's windy!]

Daniel likes: walking instead of being in the pushchair; reading stories; doing puzzles; playing in his kitchen and making tea; fruit and snacks; drawing and painting; seeing Nanny & Grandad; talking on the phone; working hard on his laptop; spending more time with Daddy; anything Peppa Pig; pretending to play golf & football; drinking from a big boy cup or with a straw; "helping" Mama around the house, unloading the dishwasher and sorting the washing; diggers and tractors of any shape or size; Milo the cat; & being held like a baby!

Daniel dislikes: doing as he's told, most of the time; wearing gloves, even though his little hands must get so numb!; when Peppa & George finishes; & putting things away.

Daniel says: bubbles, woof-woof (dog), bo-bo (ball), boo (book), baby, cat, wa-wa (shower), bus, too-ta (scooter), juice, baa (bath), George, wee-wee, ga-ga (glasses), tissue, splash, ro-ro (Father Christmas?!) & ro-ro-ro (ho ho ho!), poon (spoon), na-na (night-night), go-go (golf) and a ton of other words that noone can understand. He's really trying now to say more words, it's adorable! He can also make animal sounds for elephant, lion/tiger, crocodile, cow, sheep, horse, cat, dog, duck, rabbit, & snake.

Daniel can: show you his head, nose, eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, belly, belly-button, hands, knees, toes and shoulders; mimic us calling the cat; ask you to blow his nose; take his own trousers and socks off; pour you tea & milk into your cup; drink out of a beaker without a lid & with a straw; show you his "guns"; blow kisses; tuck you in and say night night if you're lying down; drink his milk out of his cereal bowl (blame Dad!); dance with his arms and legs going; the actions to "Incy wincy spider", "Heads, shoulders", "Twinkle twinkle", "If you're happy and you know it"; turn the television on & do a very heart-melting 'please' for George; go to the fridge and get the milk out; splash Mummy in the bath (again, blame Daddy!)


We're looking forward to a weekend including (but not limited to) Daddy, going to the park, having cooked breakfast, seeing Grandparents and maybe even a family film night!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. What a gorgeous and clever boy you have. Its amazing how quickly time goes.
    I had to smile at you talking about his tantrums. Seb has a serious temper(it can only be from me!)and already tantrums if you tell him no, he screams, throws homself back, red in the race, everything. Its hard not to laugh at him! x

    1. Thankyou, I'm definitely incredibly proud of him!!
      Oh gosh, I always have to laugh at Daniel because he just screws his face up and fake-cries, & loves to watch himself doing it in the mirror! Little actor!