186. Christmas 2011.

I finally found my camera lead! So, yeah, these pictures are pretty late. And, yeah, I pretty much forgot about my camera the whole day because we were having so much fun! But, these pictures are still pretty cute, right?

I got pretty excited about Christmas this year, even though we didn't get Daniel that many presents and we didn't buy for each other, there's something thrilling about watching someone open something you've put a lot of thought and effort into! We woke up pretty early Christmas morning, regular time but I got Colin up straight away so we could rush down and open presents! I got a ton of gifts from the kids in my class, so sweet, thankyou! Daniel LOVED his new kitchen, and pretty much wasn't bothered about anything else, except his Peppa Pig crayons, of course!





We went to my parents' for breakfast, as we spent Christmas with them last year, and then went out to lunch with Colin's parents, brother and Grandparents. I had never eaten Christmas dinner out before, and was a little skeptical, especially with Daniel, but it actually went really well! Daniel was good as gold, loved the melon starter, but wasn't that bothered about dinner (luckily I had come prepared!) & while we took breaks in between courses he watched a little Peppa on the iPhone and made best friends with a dog in the bar!




Boxing Day was spent at my parents', where my crazy Mum cooked for 23 of our family. It was so lovely to see everyone, and I was way too busy to take any photos! It's so strange and exciting to think that next year we'll have two little ones running riot over Christmas! That's like twice the amount of toys! Oh dear!! I've managed to rearrange Daniel's toys, and put some upstairs, so our house doesn't resemble an explosion in a toys factory anymore!! We are very grateful to all those that helped us spoil our little nugget over the holiday!!


Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. oh my gosh how cute is the kitchen! i've given you an award on my blog hun x

    1. It's so sweet, and he loves it! Hours of fun!!
      Thankyou lovely!! I'll definitely do it when I find the time!!

  2. Aww i love his kitchen! Seb has those pj's, they are so sweet and a bargain! x

    1. Got to love Primark for pyjamas!! Not so much for anything else though, I always find things fit funny!! xxx