185. December in iPhone Pictures

As I haven't linked up Our Week in iPhone photos since the first week of December, I thought I'd share the rest in one giant post, and start afresh this week.

December 01
December 02
December 03
December 04
December 05
December 07
December 08
December 09
December 10

Pictured: movie dates; cooking puzzles; Christmas crowns; bump pictures; a little elf; new toys; cheeky crisp-stealing; after-bath selfies; LOTS of paining (so adorable!); cooking; bathtime; rainbow cake for my cousin's birthday!

I'm still hunting down my camera lead, so actual Christmas pictures are still trapped! Looking forward to taking some family pictures at the park tomorrow, so hopefully I find it soon! We've been to see the midwife today, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat! SO exciting! Trying to research a carrier or sling for the new babe, if anyone has and advice or recommendations? I'm always feeling incredibly tired at the moment,an early night is definitely on the cards! Good news too, I spoke to my headteacher and she's happy for me to take a whole year maternity leave, yay! I'll work up until the end of May hopefully, and have all that time to spend with my babies!! I'm trying to teach Daniel that he is my big baby, and there is a little baby in my tummy. He can point to my belly when I ask him, and then tickles me and laughs, too adorable!!

Looking forward to spending this weekend with my boys, anyone upto anything exciting?

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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