183. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my wonderful followers, I hope you all have a fantastic 2012! I know we will! Baby number two will make sure of that! (& I'm sure Daniel will have a hand in it too!) I really hate calling it 'baby', I can't wait to find out the gender so we can actually call it's name!! Because I think we've decided!! Exciting huh?! I'm sure I'll share soon enough!

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon to share my hopes & dreams (I also hate resolutions!) for this year!

Have I mentioned before that Colin got a new job? Well, yeah, & it means he's going to be home so much more! I can't wait! Weekends and evenings with Daddy, yay! We'll even be able to have family dinners together!! So that's one, to eat together, as a family, at the table as often as possible. We currently eat when Daniel is in bed, in front of the TV which is horrible, but convenient, I can't wait to change! I also want to have things to do together as a family, instead of sitting around all day! Any ideas welcomed!!

Another, is to make our house a home. We're still renting so we can't redecorate but I'm hoping to add little personal touches to each room to make it our own. I'm constantly browsing Pinterest for ideas, & obviously have a board especially for it! I want a tree decal & fairy lights in our bedroom, some photos printed for our dining room, a family tree in Daniel's room, & something to sort out our bathroom (the decor is purple!)?That & design the nursery, I'm thinking a woodland theme!

In April it's Daniel and Colin's birthdays & I'm determined to make them special, even if I am heavily pregnant, so I'm starting to plan now. Daniel's will be dinosaur themed (I stayed up until way past midnight last night looking for ideas and decorations! Pretty pumped!) & Colin's will be the big 2-1 so I'm thinking just a little family lunch before he goes out in the evening. I think my nesting is setting in early, trying to get things organised is very unlike me!!

I'm also determined to get into blogging more, particularly documenting this pregnancy & posting regularly, maybe more style posts too! The hunt for the camera lead continues tomorrow!

I want to work up until the beginning of June too, as I won't exactly get any rest at home! Also meaning I will get more time off after s/he is born, but I need to speak to our head-teacher to discuss how much! I think we're going to enrol Daniel into preschool in September, seriously scary thought, so he gets some time with other people & I get some one-to-one time with the baby.

2012 is definitely going to be a fantastic year, with my amazing family around! Not that last year was too shabby either!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. I love this post its so happy!!
    I'm really pleased for you that Colin got a new job, well done him. Phil works odd hours, late nights and most weekends and its crappy.
    Happy New Year!! x