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I saw this on My Little Loves, a favourite blog of mine, & decided it might help me out of my blogging rut :)

Current colour: Navy blue, & gold.

Current playlist: Justin Beiber's Christmas album (I'm sat with my little brother!)

Current read: I started the fifth True Blood book last week, but haven't had another chance to carry on!

Current excitement: Christmas! We're making biscuits today, to deliver this week! & my whole family are coming to my Mum's for dinner tonight :)

Current mood: Content. Daniel's asleep, I'm blogging while my family watches the football.

Current drink: Cloudy lemonade.

Current food: Chocolate :) & crudités with soured cream & chive dip.

Current wish list: A nap & a cuddle with my boy. & a new pair of boots!

Current needs: Support from my incredible family.

Current bane of my existence: Constantly tidying up, or else my home looks like a bombsite! It's driving me nuts!

Current indulgence: Cuddling up in my Christmas jammies, watching something Christmassy on TV.

Current blessing: Our second child. And our first, of course.

Current outfit: Jeans & a long sleeves black top. I'm in a clothing rut, not being able to fit into a lot of things!

Current celebrity crush: I never really have them! Boring!

Current triumphs: I've just narrowed my Christmas shopping lists down & am going tomorrow to get the last bits!

Current link: The Paper Mama for for her DIY Christmas crafts!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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