176. Daniel's Christmas List.

I'm getting super excited about Christmas now! Our tree has been up for a while, but pretty much daily I'm adding little extra decorations to the house & doing Christmas crafts with Daniel! While listening to Michael Buble & Jo Jingles' Christmas albums of course! We've also broken up from school, as of Friday, so that means I can devote ALL our time to Christmas shopping and crafting! (Mostly Paper Mama inspired!) I'm planning on making this wreath for my Mama & something like this if I have enough felt leftover!

I have, of course, left most of my present buying to the last minute! I am yet to get my Dad's, Colin's Mum, Dad or brother, either my brother or his girlfriend (my order was messed up & I'm not sure who's is actually coming!) & most of Daniel's! But here is a little peek into what my spoiled little boy will be getting for Christmas!


hmprod (1)

To stop him taking my cutlery basket from the dishwasher and using it as a bag!

SS11210-7454TPS856196 (1)
Either this red, or a yellow bumble bee!


& a couple more HappyLand bits (train & construction sets) that I can't find online!


kitchen1 kitchen2
I'm thinking of waiting till after Christmas for this, although it's now in the sale...

I can't wait to see his face! This year will be even more magical than last (I don;t think I'll bother wrapping up most of his gifts this year, as last year it was a waste of time!) & I can't wait to experience it with him all over again!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. Eeeek its so exciting! Seb got that tub of blocks for his birthday and he loves playing with them, i like megabloks as they can use them at any age really. I keep meaning to grab a shopping basket for my little man as he loves putting things in and out of bags/boxes etc.
    Seb is ridiculously spoilt this year, i think i may have gone a little ott!