167. Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween morning consisted of Halloween inspired crafts and a super-long, early nap. I knew we wouldn;t be taking Daniel Trick or Treating, as I think he's too young, but I still wanted to do something 'festive' so I got out some orange & black paper, pens and paint and let him go to town. It didn't keep him occupied for that long, this kiddo gets bored pretty easily (after lunch we went to the park, where he played on everything for approximately one second and then climbed back into his pushchair to go home!) so after painting he had a bath & put his costume on, then came back downstairs to do drawing. Mom fail, these are the only pictures I got of Daniel in his outfit, as my camera needed charging & we had a nappy leak while I was taking a nap (Thankyou so much Colin!) I haven;t been feeling that well, so party plans were abandoned, I didn;t even get to carve my pumpkin!! Next year ladies, will be awesome, I promise!








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Happy Halloween!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. Love the skeleton outfit, he can always wear it again for bonfire night! Painting looks fun too, where did you get the little roller? x