165. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [012]

Two weeks worth of iPhone pictures, you lucky devils! Although I was missing from the blogging world, I wasn't lacking inspiration for photos, with the boy & the kitten to keep me entertained!

Monday 17th October
We read books while we waited for Auntie Danica to arrive, who was my man-power to collect our new kitten! Getting brave & stroking!

Tuesday 18th October
Working hard! Playing guitar with Grandad, Daniel's new favourite thing! Slinky!

Wednesday 19th October
Snuggles with my boys. Stroking Milo. Comfy cat.

Thursday 20th October
Afternoon at Nanny & Grandads involved lots of reading! Sparkly nails from a pamper evening at school!

Friday 21st October
A playdate at the park involved lots of climbing, playing in the "nee-naw" & "choo-choo" & basically ignoring our "dates", boo!

Saturday 22nd October
Carrying the cat bed like a handbag, of course! Snoozin'.

Sunday 23rd October
Reading stories with Nanny, finding the duck in the Usborne books, adorable! Painting, himself more than the paper, & feeding the ducks!

Tuesday 25th October
Tuesday 25th October
Daniel literally played for half an hour in his Thomas the Tank Engine storage, with all the trains inside! Just getting in & out, strange kiddo. We loved on Milo, ALOT.

Wednesday 26th October
Wednesday 26th October
We got wrapped up and walked to the park with Nana - on the way we found lots of ladybirds and puddles! When we got home we snuggled & read Dr Suess with Milo.

Thursday 27th October
Thursday 27th October
Daniel & Grandad matched & watched TV together - too cute!

Friday 28th October
Momma snuggles. Bad picture day.

Saturday 29th October
Sunday 30th October
Early morning snuggles. Waiting on the grass for fireworks!

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Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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