162. Meet Milo...

MRemember on Friday I mentioned we were going to see a kitten? Well, he was completely adorable & we fell in love, so we e-mailed our landlady to ask her if we could have one, and SHE SAID YES! I was so excited when Colin phoned to tell me, & I text the girl whose kitten we wanted to ask if we could pick him up today!

Check out our gorgeous little cat (who is currently asleep on Colin, ears twitching!)!

Daniel was a little wary when we went to visit him, liking to point & squeal but backed away whenever he came too close! But today, when we went to collect him, he went right up to him & wasn;t scared at all! He ignored him for a while once we got home, shouting whenever he saw the "TAT!". Then Daniel got really brave & started stroking him! Too cute for words! He even blew kisses when we went upstairs for a bath! I can just tell they're going to be the best of friends!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Yay for kittens! Elliot is absolutely OBSESSED with our kitten. It's really, really cute :)

  2. Ah, adorable! You make me want another kitten! We have one cat, she's awesome, but that new kitten cuteness, so fun! Enjoy!! ;)