159. Flashback Friday [001]

So, apparently I'm not very good at organising or archiving my videos, as I have no idea when these videos were taken. My guess would be around Christmas/the beginning of this year, because that's when I got my camera.

Looking at books with Auntie Danica, listen to that ickle baby laugh!
Swinging. Look at that cheeky smile & nearly-bald head! (Sorry it's sideways!)
Let me know if you do a Flashback Friday post too? I'd love to see it! I posted a couple of teeny baby pictures on Instagram too (MommaBBabyboy) Hope you have a lovely weekend, tomorrow we're going to the park & a Nearly New Sale with my Mum, and Sunday we're going to see a kitten(!!! Keep your fingers crossed our lovely land lady says "YES!") & to dinner at my in-laws. What are you upto?
Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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