156. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [010]

Our week was pretty awesome, I finally got my car back on Tuesday & that meant we could GO PLACES! Woohoo!

Monday 3rd October

Monday3rdOctober2011 01
Monday3rdOctober2011 02
Monday3rdOctober2011 03
Pretty flowers on my walk to pick up Daniel. Babyboy "cheese-ing" & looking super cute in his basketball get up! Grown-up smoothies, and snuggles with Mama. Homemade burgers & veggies for dinner. Reading the newspaper with Grandad. Mama Style.

Tuesday 4th October
Tuesday6thOctober2011 01
Daniel just looked REALLY cute & got into a serious mess with his dinner!

Wednesday 5th October
Wednesday5thOctober2011 01
We started the day super happy & with a milk moustache! We went swimming, and Daniel had an absolute blast going down the slides ALL BY HIMSELF (Mama nearly had a heart attack!) Babyboy wouldn;t nap, but cotched out on the sofa instead. Momma's new FAVOURITE chocolate!

Thursday 6th October
Thursday6thOctober2011 01
Thursday6thOctober2011 02
Daniel likes to climb all over Daddy, & sit on his face/chest. LOL. Mini Daddy. Playdate at a soft play centre, with tractors and ball pits!! Momma Babyboy snuggles. Freaking out about the bubbles. Momma went out after bedtime, for a girls night including pizza & wine, mmm!

Friday 7th October
Shouting at Momma through the shower. Copying Daddy. Walking to get my cousin from school (He put those reins round his neck like a necklace, & screamed when I tried to take it off!) Sleeping babe.

Saturday 8th October
Saturday8thOctober2011 01
Saturday8thOctober2011 02
Smiling for Grandad, who;s in France. Sleeping on the way home. Eating, look at those eyes! No-nap snuggles! Photo shoot!

Sunday 9th October
Sunday9thOctober2011 01
Sunday9thOctober2011 02
Sunday9thOctober2011 03
Sunday9thOctober2011 04
Sunday9thOctober2011 05
Painting before breakfast, he said please! Bowl hat funny. Smiling for Grandad, & trying to kiss him through the phone! Reading. Working with Daddy. Seriously, that's Colin when he was younger, (on the right) how much does Daniel look like his exact copy?! Moving furniture with the Chuckle Brothers, Colin measured the gap with his hands, & it didn;t fit, then he got stuck behind the fridge! Feeding the fish at Nana & Grandad's. Trucks! Watching a documentary about tigers, Daniel comes running in shouting "Cat! Cat!"

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Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. He is such a gorgeous boy! Can't wait until Finn is old enough for making and doing things xx