153. Sunday 2nd October. Painting.

Yesterday was one of my best friends' birthdays, the friend who's wedding I wrote about here (though I didn't include any pictures of the beautiful couple!) & her hen night here (where she actually features!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNEKA!

To celebrate, and because Daniel found the paints again, we decided to make her a birthday card! & because I always take a zillion pictures, here's some proof!




Does anyone else worry about their children's development? Reading blogs, and seeing children simillar ages to Daniel, it's really difficult not to compare them. & Daniel seems kinda behind with his language development. He understands everything I say, so there's no problems with his hearing, but he only says a handful of words, at 18 months (cat, tractor, Mama, Daddy, Nanny, & what can pass as Grandad, Grandma, flower & balloon) I spoke to our childminder today & she said not to worry, that boys often develop slower, & he'll get there in his own time but I can't help it!




We're working on a little signing, as I know that if he can't express himself somehow it is going to get very frustrating for us both as he grows and learns what he wants (although he's already pretty strong willed!) & I've just downloaded a couple of apps to help us along. Any other tips for encouraging speech in toddlers?




Daniel Kyle was up half the night last night, he just kept crying out and although I was trying hard not to go into him & let him settle himself, it was hard & I did go in a few times, convinced something was wrong because that's so not like him! There was nothing obvious, but Colin was up from 3 feeling ill so fingers crossed they're not both coming down with something!



Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. What a cutie!!

    New follower from the blog hop :)

  2. I find it super hard not to compare my little one with other babies, more so because he was prem, the best advice I was given, by another blogger, is that they will reach milestones in there own time, boys are lazier than girls with development, and i think us comparing them makes it worse. I've just learnt to go with the flow as i know he'll reach everything in his own time xxx