148. Wednesday 28th September. Happy Birthday Uncle Connor!

My baby brother is EIGHTEEN today! Man, does that make me feel old or what? I remember when that kid was born!

Happy Birthday Uncle Connor! We hope you had a great day!!

We celebrated with dinner out at one of our fave restaurants, with the whole family, and the most AMAZING cake ever!

Right?!? That bad boy took me 3 and a half hours to make! With a mid-baking trip to Sainburys & only one cake tin (which meant I had to cook each layer separately!) I was up till midnight & it was SO worth it! I followed this recipe, via pinterest (which was also where I found my inspiration!) as the Whisk Kid recipe looked a little too complex for my liking (& I didn;t have enough butter!) & I am SO proud of myself, even if the icing went a teeny bit wrong, it still tasted and looked awesome!!

Also, Happy Belated Birthday Great-Grandad Reg!

I've walked MILES today, on my feet for three hours, & I'm absolutely shattered! MY legs & feet hurt too! Poor Mama! On the agenda tomorrow: Take Daniel to the amazing Pirate Ship park near his childminders', get Grandma's prescription for her, & tidy the house because it looks like a bombsite!! Woo!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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