146. Our Summer Bucket List 2011.

33 out of 51 isn;t too bad right? I had a great time making this list and trying to cross everything off, & while we didn;t do it all we had a really busy (& amazing!) summer, so I don;t feel too let down! We're going to try and get the rest done, maybe on a rainy day! We're totally going to paint canvases, as Christmas presents & some to go on Daniel's wall, I just haven;t got round to ordering them yet! I'm going to order some clear baubles & christmas ornaments for Daniel to decorate from Baker Ross so I might look on there for canvases too.

01. Make ice-lollies.
04. Paint canvases.
07. Paint pottery.
08. Make a banana split.
09. Visit a museum. [Camberley]
10. Feed the ducks.
11. Slide down a slide.
12. Make cocktails.
13. Go to the library.
15. Build a fort.
16. Play in the paddling pool.
17. Watch Harry Potter 7, Part 2.
18. Have a dinner party.
19. Make smores.
20. Pick strawberries.
21. Make homemade ice-cream/frozen yogurt.
23. Raid Jay’s toy cupboard.
24. Have a BBQ.
25. Take a picture everyday.
26. Make frozen bananas.
28. Make fingerpaints. [Recipe]
29. Learn to cook three new recipes.
30. Make iced coffee.
31. Collect seashells.
32. Read at least 3 books.
33. Go on a boat.
35. Go swimming with Daddy.
36. Have a water fight.
38. Make a smoothie.
39. Road trip to a beach.
40. Build a sandcastle.
41. Make milkshakes.
42. Play with Oobleck [Cornflour & water]
43. Buy a radio & dance while I do housework.
45. Have a pyjama day.
46. Cream soda icecream floats.
48. Start a compost bin.
49. Make playdough.
50. Visit 3 new parks.
51. Learn more baby sign.

& because what good is a post from me without a picture of my adorable little monkey?


<3 Drawing.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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