144. iPhone pictures [008]

Okay, so I might be kind of cheating for this, but I just had to share these adorable pictures from Colin's iphone. I seriously can't wait to get one of my own, my incredibly-old one just isn't up to scratch!

The Monday after we came home from France, Daniel woke up SUPER early, & because Colin is amazing (& he had the day off!) he got up with him for me. When he woke me up at 7am, Daniel was zonked out on the sofa. Too cute.

Tuesday we wrapped up warm & headed to Nanny & Grandad's for dinner. FYI, Daniel sat in a puddle on the way, so that suit is definitely necessary!

Linking up to Amy @ A Good Life, she's awesome & you should definitely go check out her blog & adorable son! I'm such a sucker for a beautiful babyboy.

Today we were supposed to meet up with friends & check out a Mother & Toddler group, but she cancelled. Instead we made the most of having the car (One of Colin;'s colleagues' car broke down, so he's borrowing Colin's company car & Colin's using mine) & headed to the lovely park by our old house, before coming home & "napping" (He's asleep now, but it took 30 minutes of screaming, & getting him up once, with more screaming, for him to give in!) Photos to come!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. oh my gosh that first picture just melted my heart!! Little ones are so precious aren't they!