131. Sunday 14th August 2011. 16 months!

Okay, so I've been a little bit late with this one, but Daniel Kyle is now 16 months old! 16 months & 1 week, if you're counting :P Seriously, hasn;t anyone worked out how to stop time yet? Although, I think every new age is my favourite age, so maybe I don;t really want it to stop, if it just keeps getting more fun!! He's just so into exploring, which is a blast, & I'm loving finding new things to do with him!


This month, he grew THREE new teeth! After that first molar popped through, the others came with hardly any trouble! My big brave boy! I'm sure he's grown too, I'm determined to get him a growth chart asap, as we've never had his height measured!!


Daniel likes: strawberries, drinking out of a big boy cup (a Doidy), running, jumping up and down in muddy puddles, shoes (of any size!), cars, "Goodnight Moon" as a bedtime story, swimming, Peppa Pig & when Daddy gets home from work (he points & burbles!).


Daniel dislikes: being told off (he cries and comes to Mummy for a cuddle!), when Daddy goes to work (ditto!), mashed potato & loud noises (he runs to me and grabs hold of my legs, hiding behind them!).


Daniel isn;t really speaking all that much, for his age, he says cat now, and the other day I swear he said bear, and Grandma! He eats like a pro with a spoon and fork, & blows kisses on demand! He's still taking two naps a day (although he did go down to just one for about a week) recently of two hours each but that was messed up today so who knows what tomorrow will be like!


My love for this little nugget grows more and more every day. I love spending time with him so much, doing new things with him and watching him grow & learn! Momma loves you babyboy, to the moon and back.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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