130. Saturday 13th August 2011. Practising the Piano.

We went to visit Daniel's GG's (Great Grandparents!) last weekend, and have a dip on their complex pool! Daniel, however, was much more interested in GG's keyboard! He was too adroable with it, not really bashing it like you'd expect, but really using his fingers to push the keys! He thought it was hilarious!

Showing Daddy what to do.


"You do that end Daddy!"

Urgh, today the weather is horrible! Our summer seems to be over, & it is absolutely chucking it down! Luckily we're going on holiday on Tuesday, to the lovely Brittany in France! I'm too excited, not just to go away, but to spend nearly TWO WHOLE WEEKS with Colin! He never has that much time off, Daniel's going to love spending all day every day with his Daddy!




Our day today was supposed to be spent walking to the library, then to the ducks, then to my Nana's,but that isn't going to happen! Boo! So I'm going to have to think of a plan B! At the moment, Daniel's asleep & I'm watching "Don't Tell The Bride!" We've already been to my Mum's to sign for a parcel this morning, full of goodies for Daniel! I did a Kiddicare order yesterday, to get some boosters for our nappies (Disposable prices are ridiculous!), a wet bag, snack catcher, a new non spill cup (for bedtime, so his bed doesn't get soaked!) & some fruit pouches for beach snacks!




Look at that posture!

I'm off to get a quick snack in & some blog reading done before Daniel wakes up!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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