128. Ball pool fun & an open heart.

Last week we busted out the small ball pool to keep Daniel entertained while the weather wasn;t so fab! As soon as he saw it he started squealing & had the biggest smile on his face. His Nana was here to witness the pure joy and it was just adorable!

Mickey Mouse?


On a completely different note, I found out earlier today that one of my friends from our antenatal class is expecting her second baby, in February. I am SO incredibly happy for her, the girls always said she'd be the first to have another! But, to be completely honest, I also felt a rather incredibly large pang of jealousy! Her son is just a month or two younger than Daniel, and the more I think abut it the more I can't decide on the perfect age gap between two children!



Lots of lovely ladies from the blogsphere seem to be popping out sprogs with quite a small age gap, and I think it's a lovely thing to have two children so close in age, to watch them grow together and have such a close bond, but sometimes I also think it much be such hard work! Daniel, at 16 months, is really rather independent, but it is still incredibly hard to keep up with him at times, I can;t imagine being pregnant too! Or incredibly tired! On the other hand, my brother and I are three years apart, and that seems like quite a nice amount of time too. A three year old is definitely more independent that a one year old! There is also the added bonus of the first born being at pre-school, so there would be time to spend with the new baby. But it's so hard to wait until then! We've decided we should wait until I'm qualified to have another, which could be four years now, and although I know that's definitely the best way for us, it doesn't stop my heart from yearning for another.



Would anyone be interested in a "feature" here at Momma B & Babyboy? Now, I know I don;t have that many followers, but I would love to hear different Mama's experiences with two (or more!) children & their age gaps! Pro's and con's, that sort of thing! I'd love some feedback, perhaps some suggestions for questions to ask these Mama's? Or if you'd like to contribute, that would be brilliant! E-mail me at voldka_flower(at)hotmail.com, & I'll brainstorm! :) I'm quite excited!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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