127. Reading books with Grandad.

Is there anything sweeter than catching a moment like this, between two of the most important boys in my life?

Also, check their - hilarious - matching expressions!


My Dad is really special to me, obviously, and Daniel too - they have such an amazing bond. My parents were so incredibly supportive when we told them I was pregnant (unfortunately, not everyone was), my Dad immediately suggested we crack out some champagne!


They have always been there for me, and having Daniel has brought us so much closer. My Dad likes to try and see Daniel every day, even just for a super-quick visit! It's so lovely to have him as such a giant part of our lives.


He's such a natural Grandad, he was a brilliant Father obviously, but seeing him become a Grandad is just awesome to watch. He would honestly do anything for Daniel, & will let him get away with absolutely anything! But who could not find it hard to say no to that gorgeous face?


Oh, Daniel loves his books! Not as much as he loves his Grandad though!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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