121. Tuesday 2nd August 2011. #37. Get a tattoo.


Yeah I did! :) I'm so so pleased with it!! I've been wanting it for a while now. It's in loving memory of our friend Kyle, as this was his (& is now our) life motto. He was such an amazing person, taken from us in a car crash in February 2010. We named Daniel Kyle after him, and he is in our thoughts everyday. It's absolutely perfect, & I think he would be pretty proud of me! His Momma, Momma B (who also inspired the name of my blog, she is such an incredible woman, I really hope to write a post on all this one day!) is coming home to us soon and we just can't wait! Daniel Kyle has changed SO much since she moved back home, I'm so excited for their (& our) reunion!!

& now for your Daniel Kyle update, to brighten up your day.



Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. love the tattoo! i cant wait to get some more, I have 3 already lol

    shel xx