120. #22. Play with puzzles.

I took such a ridiculous amount of photos of Daniel playing with puzzles! I'm just such a proud Momma!! So, for your sanity, I have collaged them, you're welcome!


On Monday, when it got too hot to be outside any more, I put Cars 2 on & set some puzzles out to play with. Daniel often gets bored of puzzles fairly quickly, so I thought having a film on in the background would stop him wandering (& making more mess!)


My boy's such a super puzzler! He can do the a, c, e, g, j, l, m, o, v & w on his alphabet puzzle (Yeah, random, I know!) & knows where the other pieces go - he passes them to me and points to where they have to go if he's struggling!


He often has trouble getting the more awkward shaped pieces in, & loses patience, but I'm sure he will learn in time. (It's quite funny to watch him stop and throw his puzzle piece away, though I try not to show him!)


Daniel just started doing this shape sorter the other morning! He has been able to do the circle for a while, but suddenly he just started popping all the shapes in, easy as pie! My heart swelled with pride! Silly huh?


Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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