116. Friday 29th July 2011. Wedding bells.

Last Friday, one of my best friends Anneka got married. I have known her since before I was born, she lived just across the block from me, & we've played together since forever. She's three years older than me & I've always referred to her as my "Big Sister", much to people's confusion! I am so pleased she has found happiness with Nick, he is absolutely wonderful and they completely deserve each other! I still remember the text she sent me when she got engaged, I was on a bus on the way from a night out at Uni, & I squealed!

My little (!) brother and I.

Myself and my gorgeous boyfriend.

Cheese! Daniel Kyle & his Grandad.

Blowing bubbles!

I was SO happy when they asked me to be their bridesmaid, I was a bridesmaid half a dozen times when I was younger, but this one was extra special. I thank them a million times over for letting me be such a big part of their special day, it was incredible! Their wedding, and the bride and groom themselves, was absolutely beautiful!


My beautiful family.

Bow-tie & champers. I die.

Grandma & Daniel.

I wish I had taken more pictures, of the people and of the grounds (their reception was amazing!, but I was busy with my bridesmaid duties and baby-watching (Daniel has transferred himself to one nap a day, which he had been having in the morning, so he was a little grouch about it & refusing his dinner, before I realised and changed his one nap to after-lunch! So Colin and I took it in turns to eat our dinner and watch Daniel run around outside)



Daddy & Babyboy.


Thankyou, again, to Anneka & Nick Higham-Hook for letting me be a part of your special day. I loved every second of it, you all did an amazing job of organising, down to the tiny little details. I wish you both every single happiness and many, many years together.

Daniel loved the bouncy castle. He kept trying to walk but kept falling over, & laughing hysterically!!

Dancing with my Daddy.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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