115. #44. Read books outside.

Reading in the garden just seems like such a lovely whimsical act. After dinner on Thursday, we grabbed some books and a blanket and headed outside. Unfortunately, some flying ants invaded our little book party and we had to run inside after just one or two books. But, it was still lovely, and definitely something we'll do again soon!

Choosing a book.

Turning the pages for Mama.

Library book.


One of my favourite children's books is "We're going on a bear hunt", and since I decided to read it to him everyday for a week (along with four others) it has become one of Daniel's favourite books too! He always hands it to me to read, & particularly enjoys the ending. I love hearing other people read it too, as I always read it in my own way, and it's fun to see other people's perspectives!

Noisy book.



Momma & Daddy even had a particularly lovely BBQ for dinner, yum yum.


Jacket potatoes with cheese, salad, burgers in pittas, mushrooms & wine! Happy Momma!


Tomorrow I'm going to my Mama's for dinner, so I'll bring back some photographs from the wedding to put up, there's a lovely one of me and my brother (that he managed to put on facebook but can't work out how to e-mail them :/)

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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