114. Mama/Baby Style [004]

Apologies for the crazy light in these pictures, I only noticed when I uploaded them! This was my outfit for our play-dates/picnic/showing off my super-duper spray tan!


I really liked how my tan came out, I think it was a little OTT the day after I had it done (in these photos) but Friday, Saturday & Sunday it looked really good! It has started to go a little bit patchy now unfortunately, but overall it was pretty good! Would definitely have another for a special occasion!


Momma B:
Vest: New Look.
Shorts: Miss Selfridge.


Onsie: Disneyland, Florida (Gift)

Bronzed legs & false nails, love. Though they are/were incredibly hard to type/text with (some have come off now), so pretty!

&, just for LOLs...


Crazily brown Beth, before washing the next day. Check those white bits!!

As always, inspired by the beautiful Jessica & adorable Rowan @ TART

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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