113.Thursday 28th July 2011. #32. Have a picnic.

Number thirty four on our list, done! & we'll probably have quite a few more picnics, especially if we go for day trips! Daniel was good as gold, & sat really nicely to eat his lunch (most of the time!) We went to a park near our old house, to meet a friend of mine and her little boy. Even when we arrived at 10:30am it was packed & I had trouble parking, plus we were running late and I left my camera in the car, so no pictures of the boys playing together (not that they really did, preferring to run off in opposite directions, but they did sit on swings together for a little while, while we had a quick chat!)

Chowing down on rice cakes, my boy isn;t really a sandwich fan. If anyone's got any suggestions for sandwich alternatives, I'm all ears!

Yellow peppers are a fave (sometimes!), along with red & orange.

People watching. So like his Mama.

Drinking out of a grown up bottle. Wow.


More watermelon, coz we love it so much!


See what I mean about the sitting, most of the time?!


We stayed for a picnic for lunch because my other friend Meg was supposed to be coming to meet us in the afternoon, but her little boy woke up poorly so she had to cancel :( It was very hot and very busy so we opted to go home and play in our garden instead.

Daniel likes to 'pet' our donkey planter and say "Aaahh", I actually might die.





Daniel played in his water tray to cool down. Seriously our favourite toy of the moment, combined with the watering can! He can spend hours splashing and pouring water everywhere!! My next job is to dig out our paddling pool, which seems to have disappeared, hmmm...

Yogurt chops.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. I love that he appears to be such a good eater!! I also love that you let him feed himself and learn how to drink from bottles. I need to let my little one explore eating more...I just hate the clean up after!! lol. He is too too cute! I think I'm gonna try giving my daughter a bell pepper to eat!