110. Saturday 23rd July. Hen Night Extravaganza!

On Saturday Daniel & I stepped out for a hen night. In case I haven't mentioned, my very good friend Anneka is getting married on Friday, & I'm a bridesmaid! So we went bowling & for a meal to celebrate her last week of being a singleton!
Daniel came bowling but was very grumpy, he didn't nap because it was too loud & we spotted TWO top molars peeking through too, poor mite. Colin came & picked him up after work, so Mama could have some baby-free fun!
I love seeing photos of Mama's nights out on other blogs, so I thought I'd share some of the best ones (I put 118 on facebook!!)

Daniel Kyle particularly enjoyed the dance machine, every time the music came on he would do his happy dance! I'll try and post a video!

The beautiful blushing bride.

The Maid of Honour (i.e. party planner) made incredibly cute placemats with old photos of the bride on!

Opening pressies!


Anneka's nephew, Matthew, came too - what a superstar! He barely made a peep, unless he wasn't getting enough attention, even though we stayed out wayy past his bedtime!

Sister (MoH) & Mother of the Bride.


My lovely fairy wings!

Matthew fell asleep in my arms, so Sharon had to feed me my wine!

*She didn't actually drink those!

Thankyou to the lovely bride, and her sister for organising such a fantastic night!
I cannot wait for the wedding! Two days!! The rehearsal last night was so emotional, but in a good way! I haven't been a bridesmaid since I was little, & I feel much better now I know exactly what to do (follow the bride down the aisle, take her flowers, sit& look pretty etc) & I've also just had a spray tan done, which I am also very excited about! I will post results tomorrow hopefully!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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