105. Sunday 17th July 2011.

"We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo
How about you, you, you
You can come too, too, too
We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo"

I must have driven Colin absolutely mental singing that over and over on the hour long car journey to Marwell Zoo (after flipping out because we were going to be late, because he hadn't got up 'on time', and we actually arrived seven minutes early, plus everyone else was late. I hate that I get so worked up about stupid little things, and I thank god that Colin doesn't hate me for it!)

We had a brilliant, if a little wet, day! It could have been much worse!

Daniel & his little buddy Elliot. Yeah, Daniel basically refused to sit in his pram at all.

Amy making best friends with a penguin!

Walking with Daddy. Wellies are ordered, no worries. (Speaking of which, I got a mega bargain in the Mothercare sale, two pairs of sandals - one George Pig no less - some wellington boots & a paddling pool for £17!! Happy Mama!)

He's off. Seriously, one minute we were looking at the flamingos, the next we turned round and he was gone!


Dadda Baby snuggles. Too cute!


Daniel sat on the kerb for a rest while we looked at the giraffes. I think his little legs were tired, all that walking & splashing in puddles!



Lunchtime! We ditched our lovingly prepared packed lunches for some hot food (it was pretty cold, and wet.) Check out that HUGE bit of fish!




Daniel had a little sleep in the pram, & missed the lemurs. Oh well, they weren't that fab. & we were there for ages, so I got a ton of pictures.

Elliot & Skyla loved the lemurs!

Sunbathing lemur!


Riding on a hippo. Dur.


<3 P1080606
Goodbye kisses for Amy.

We had a wonderful day, with some wonderful friends, and even the rain didn't damped our spirits. Our week has been pretty good too, the weather's been abit pants so we haven;t really done much, been busy preparing for our play at school, which I saw properly last night & I was so proud of them! Colin & I also went on a date night to see Harry Potter (Ohmygosh amazing!!) My darling brother is having Daniel 3 days this week because my childminder was sick today and my Mum's going away tomorrow, he's such a star my favourite little brother! I'm a very happy (& full) Momma, because my darling boy spoiled me even more by buying me an amazing pizza & garlic cheese sticks!! Tomorrow we're going for a playdate at Skyla's, & Saturday we're going to my friend's hen night (bowling & a meal) :) Happy weekend!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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